By Allegra Burton, MPH, RDNWednesday, 3 September 2014 

Have a hankering for pizza but you don’t want all those carbs and you do want more protein? What if you could swap the carb-heavy pizza dough for protein? Pizza omelet/scramble to the rescue! You can still enjoy the same yummy cheese and tomato sauce plus vegetables and more. You can use light cheese and all egg whites if you want to cut even more calories from this dish.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Start by sautéing any and all veggies that you like in a little olive oil: broccoli, zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, peppers, kale, etc. You can steam the vegetables a bit before sautéing as an option.
  • Once the vegetables are almost done, remove them from the pan and pour in eggs/egg whites for a more traditional style omelet, or leave the vegetables in the pan and add the eggs/egg whites and scramble all together.
  • When eggs are fully cooked, add vegetables onto eggs if you had removed them, and then spoon tomato sauce over everything and turn up heat a bit to get sauce warmed up. (Tip: if you’re using sauce from a jar be sure to read the nutrition facts on the label and choose one that’s lower in calories and fat. Tomato Basil flavor is generally one of the lighter ones.)
  • Once everything in the pan is hot sprinkle shredded cheese of your choice on top and let melt. You can use traditional mozzarella or part-skim mozzarella or light string cheese or feta or soy cheese whatever type or combination appeals to you.
  • Optional but delicious – add fresh basil and/or other herbs
  • Enjoy!