By Allegra Burton, MPH, RDNTuesday, 11 October 2016 

Wondering whether you should be buying and eating only organic produce? Love the idea of it, but feeling daunted by the higher prices you have to pay for organic? Here's your answer: consider the Environmental Working Group's (EWG) Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean Fifteen. 

Every year the EWG puts out a list of the top twelve (plus some honorable mentions) fruits and vegetables highest in pesticide residue and the top fifteen fruits and veggies lowest in pesticdes.

Drumroll they are:


By Allegra Burton, MPH, RDNWednesday, 25 May 2016 

On May 20, 2016 the FDA announced some welcome changes to the Nutrition Facts labels on the foods we buy and eat. What are the changes and what do they look like?


  • Bold, larger font for “Calories,” “servings per container,” and “Serving size.”

  • Required addition of actual amount and percent Daily Value of vitamin D, calcium, iron and potassium.

  • A more clear explanation of what Daily Value means: “The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.”

  • MY FAVORITE: “Added Sugar” in grams and as percent Daily Value will be required on labels.


By Allegra Burton, MPH, RDNWednesday, 16 September 2015 

You can kick your salads up a notch – and add so much flavor AND nutrition - with these simple ingredients. The best part is that a little goes a long way with these extras – so you get flavor without a lot of calories.


1) Hummus – so many flavors to choose from. Mix it right into your salad along with a little olive oil and vinegar.


By Allegra Burton, MPH, RDNTuesday, 4 August 2015 

Do your salads leave you feeling bored - and hungry? Are you doing the same old lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes? Read on for ideas about how to make your salads exciting, delicious, healthy, and satisfying.

This week's Top 5 Salad Ingredients:

Dark leafy greens:

  • Watercress, romaine, spinach, arugula, mache, kale, baby greens, etc.
  • Mix and match.
  • The darker the greens the more nutrient-packed they are – watercress tops that list.

By Allegra Burton, MPH, RDNMonday, 10 November 2014 


#1 way to curb your high-fat food cravings? Eat a high-protein breakfast. Yes, it’s that simple. Skipping breakfast or eating a low-protein breakfast sets you up for high-fat food cravings during the day and later in the evening.

Wouldn't it be nice to feel satisfied instead of hungry all the time?

Good sources of protein include eggs/egg whites, fish, lean meats like skinless poultry, lean red meat, greek yogurt, some soy foods, beans and more. Add some vegetables and healthy fats and you're all set. Try having an untraditional breakfast with more protein and fewer carbohydrates and see how it makes you feel. You may never go back to cereal or a bagel again - and you'll be a lot better off.

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By Allegra Burton, MPH, RDNTuesday, 12 August 2014 

Do you find yourself hungry for a snack between meals but really never sure what a good, healthy snack choice might be for you? Read on.

Snacks – just like meals – should ideally include lean protein and healthy fats along with fiber to help you feel satisfied. Throw in some fresh fruit and/or veggies and you’re in business.

Here are some snack ideas to try on for size:


By Allegra Burton, MPH, RDNMonday, 28 July 2014 

Wondering why your blood sugar dips and you feel famished by noon? Take a look at what you eat for breakfast and when.

The longer you wait to break your overnight fast, the hungrier you will be the rest of the day.  And what you choose to eat for this truly “most important meal of the day” has a huge impact on how you will feel, how hungry you will be and what foods you will be craving all day long.

If you start your day with a sugar-and-refined-grains-loaded breakfast, you will send your blood sugar soaring and possibly feel a burst of energy for a short time…until it all comes crashing down: blood sugar, energy, mood…and carb/sugar cravings start rearing their ugly heads.


By Allegra Burton, MPH, RDNFriday, 18 July 2014 

Tired of your same old, same old breakfast? Love oats - especially steel cut - and all of the nutritional value they provide but don't have the time to cook them? Me too. I've got you covered. And this is no boring oats and brown sugar breakfast...

Choose your oats - Can't decide between old-fashioned rolled oats and steel cut oats? Use both! I usually make a half and half combo - makes the oats creamy AND chewy!


By Allegra Burton, MPH, RDNMonday, 23 June 2014 


Yoga can do more for you than you may think. Yoga can help you gain strength, fitness and flexibility – all of which can help you prevent and recover from injuries, and help improve breathing and concentration. Yoga is a terrific form of non-impact cross training for all other sports. In addition to all of that, maintaining a yoga practice can help you feel grounded and better able to deal with the daily stresses of life.