By Allegra Burton, MPH, RDNMonday, 4 May 2015 

When you’re in need of a snack – and I do recommend one to two snacks per day between meals – protein is the way to go. Protein-packed foods will help you feel more satisfied and you won’t get the blood sugar spike then crash that result from eating carbohydrate-based snacks. The snack should be protein rich and include some healthy fat plus vegetables and/or fruit.

Top 5 Protein-Packed Snacks:

  1. Hardboiled egg – pure and simple. Munch on some cut-up raw or lightly cooked veggies too for crunch and fiber.
  2. Nuts and greek yogurt: Stir ½ oz unsalted almonds (about 10-12 depending on their size) or walnuts (about 7 halves) into ½ cup plain nonfat greek yogurt. Add some berries or other fruit and you’re set.
  3. Light string cheese – easy, portable. Eat this with some vegetables or a little fruit to round out this snack. Still hungry? Add a slice of turkey.
  4. Turkey and hummus lettuce wrap – also the makings of a great lunch. Wrap 1-2 slices of roasted turkey breast and 1 TBSP hummus in a lettuce leaf. Add other veggies inside too if you can.
  5. Canned tuna or salmon and veggies. Mix ½ cup canned salmon or tuna packed in water with a little nonfat plain greek yogurt, mustard and lemon. Use the tuna/salmon as a dip to eat with lots of cut-up raw veggies like carrots, cucumber, peppers, jicama.

Stay tuned for next week’s TOP 5!